After watching CATS numerous times, you begin to notice things. Things that annoy you, things that are adorable, things that are just there. Well, here are some of the things that I've notcied!

Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats:

-You know how Skimbleshanks does that whole nose-twitch when he first comes on the screen. It gets annoying.
-Tugger isn't wearing his usual mane.
-Munkustrap looks scary when he raises his eyebrows, because too much of the white of his eyes are showing.
-When Jellylorum jumps during her "when you fall on your head, do you land on your feet" line, she gives me the likeness of an old white lady trying to dance to hip-hop-booty-mix. Okay, that's just me...
-Deuteronomy doesn't dance at all in this whole thing!!! That's really unfair to the others!
-Alonzo opens his mouth really big during the "life to the everlasting cat" line. I bet I could fit my head in his mouth!

The Naming of Cats:

-Is Etcetera wearing fake eyelashes??
-Jennyanydots looks like she just smoked some heavy weed.
-I love the way Mistoffelees twitches his nose during the "Coricopat" line!!!
-Jenny doesn't seem to know all the words.
-Why do they all kinda do that head-thing when they say "Bombalurina." It's not like Bomb's the greatest cat there ever was. (No offense to you Bomb lovers!)
-When Victoria goes to the back right before her solo comes up, Bomb gives her a look that I read as "What the hell are you doing? Trying to steal the spotlight from me again?"

Invitation to the Jellicle Ball:

-You can see Mistoffelees just kneeling in that tunnel admiring Victoria... although... she's not really admirable.
-While Misto's watching... he's got this expression like "what a dame!"
-Victoria looks like she's going to fall. Her legs are all wobbly and stuff.
-After Misto sings his 'jellicle cats...yada, yada' He looks over at Victoria and they smile at each other, and eventhough I kinda don't like Victoria, it's sooo cute how they do that!!!!
-When Munkustrap sings 'for waiting up their is the heavyside layer' Victoria doesn't sit down. She's just standing up in her la la land. That bugs and annoys me for some reason.
-Jellylorum gives Munkustrap these lustful looks like 'if only I was younger....' That's just my opinion....

The Old Gumbie Cat:

-I love the way Misto looks when Munk says 'gumbie cat.' Yeah, yeah, I'm a Jake fan... so what?
-Rumpelteazer and Mungojerrie are so cute together when they're laughing at Misto.
-When Etcetera and Jemima are scolding Misto, he has this look on his face like 'yeah, yeah, so I made a mistake... can you shut up about it now?'
-Misto looks proud when he "conjures" Jenny from the trunk.
-In the lines about the mice, Jenny waves her hands to the kittens as if to tell them, 'hurry up and put on your masks!'
-Jemima has trouble putting on her mask.
-Jenny looks sorta drunk sometimes....
-Pouncival is the rascal roach.
-For some reason when the cockroaches come out Munkustrap, Demeter, Bombalurina, and Jellylorum dissapear, but *tada!* out of thin air they reappear!

The Rum Tum Tugger

-In the opening rock n' roll music, a speck of spit or sweat flies out from Munk's mouth or forehead.
-Do you notice how Partridge says 'meow' all seductive???
-What is he feeding Etcetera and where did he get it from? It looks like he picked it out of his shoe!
-Is Jemima not the cutest thing you've ever seen? I LOVE HER!!!!
-After Misto (Jake) says 'the Rum Tum Tugger is a terrible bore' he kinda walks off with attitude. I love that!!! (I can't help it if I'm a Brent-head!)
-Tugger slaps Pouncival's butt... *ahem* can we say conspiracy theory?
-PELVIC THRUSTS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-When Tugger sings 'Abow-ow-ow-owt it!' and the girls and guys are doing cartwheels and schtuff... well, take a look a Plato while he's lifting his leg up. I can't contain it in... he looks so gay it's not even funny! (Don't kill me, I think Bryn Walters is really sexy and all, but that scene kinda makes me curious about his sexual preferences.)
-When Tugger sings 'habit' and does his pelvic curl-thing, Tumblebrutus at the other guys like 'Hey! Isn't that nifty? Let's try to do it too!'
-Tugger grabs Bombie's butt cheeks and gives them a little squeeze.
-Tugger bumps Bombie away. Look at Etcetera, she looks mighty happy as if to say 'Whoo hoo! The less competition, the better!'. Bomb looks really pissed, and Tugger has the 'oops, didn't mean that!' type of expression.
-Tugger kisses Jelly and Jenny. They have the most violated looks on their faces!
-Demeter obviously does not like Tugger.
-Victoria looks like she missed her cue and she runs and tries to shove her way in while the cast is doing to Roger Rabbit...
-While the queens gather round Tugger's pelvis, Tumble goes with them. Now, either Tumble's trying to be another ladies man, or Tumble wants to rumble with Tugger...

Grizabella: The Glamour Cat:

-When Griz interrupts his song, he pulls on his mane and says 'Achoo!' Or so it looks like it to me! Others say it looks like 'f*ck you' but I still don't accept that!
-Bombie looks sorta fruity when she puts her arm around Demeter.
-When Griz sings 'you see the corner of her twists like a crooked pin,' Cassandra gets up and Munkustrap looks like he's checking out her booty.
-During the lines 'grizabella the glamour cat, grizabella the glamour cat, who'd have ever suppose that that...was grizabella the glamour cat' Bombie puts her arm around Demeter again...

Bustopher Jones:

-Demeter runs out on the stage right when the Busto theme starts... bad editing? I think so!
-Maybe Bustopher Jones is Mistoffelees dad. I mean, come on 'Busto' and 'Misto' There's gotta be some connexion!
-When Bomb sings 'in fact, he's remarkably fat' the look on her face when she sings 'fat' seems to say 'ew, fat people suck!'
-When Bustopher sings 'It is against the rules,' Admetus has this inquisitive look on his face that says, 'Oh, is it against the rule?' and he keeps making faces and stuff.
-Bustopher has two eyebrows over each eye.
-The kittens are disgusted when Jenny says Busto is putting on weight every day.
-I still don't know why Jenny would faint over a flower and a *toodle pip!*

Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer

-Rumpelteazer's giggle is annoying after a while.
-If Mungojerrie's male, then how can he be a calico???
-Mungo sticks out his tongue and pulls on his shirt way too much!
-Right after the duo sing 'It's that horrible cat!' where Rumpel is kneeling, she does this little thing that really reminds me of Shirley Temple. I can't explain it... but I'm sure you Temple watchers know what I'm talking about!
-When Rumpel sings 'Or Rumpelteazer' Mungo points at her with his thumb and has this really cute look on his face like, 'yeah, you sure are!'
-Mungo and Rumpel are soooo cute and I personally think the actors that play them make a cute couple too!!! (Though, it is rumored that Jo Gibb and Drew Varley are bro and sis....)

Old Deuteronomy:

-Is Jake Brent not the most handsome man in the world?!?!?! *Sigh! If only I was 11 years older!*
-In the background, Mungo and Rump seem pretty tired from their act.
-Tugger (or John Partridge) has small eyes...
-These kitties seemed to have had a little too much catnip...
-When Munk and Tugger are singing together, Munk has this look on his face like he wants to be Tugger's best friend or something.
-Tugger is a poser. I'll explain... you know that bow he does, well, he stole it from me! Seriously, I made it up, and he's a copy-cat.
-Geez, Old Deuteronomy is like the god of the cats!!!

-I don't know what to call the section b/t Old Deuteronomy & Pekes and Polls... but that's all right!
-When Munk sings 'where we all rejoice!' Plato seems a little bit too happy... I think it was something in the 'Friskies'.
-Awwww! Victoria and Mistoffelees put their arms around each other!! So CUTE!!!

Pekes and the Pollicles

That's all I've got for right now!!! I'll update as soon as I can!!!

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