Hey everyone! Here are some pictures of me, my pals, my buds, my crew, my posse, my homies... and other people! Put your mouse on the pictures to get a caption!!!


Standing (L to R): Some girl, some other girl, some other girl, some guy, Carol, and some other guy.  Kneeling (L to R): Mike, Me (I look dumb, I can't help it), and Kaycie.

Carol workin' in art class

L to R: Mike, me, Kaycie, Carol, and Becky

F to B: Mike, Kaycie, Carlos, and Becky

Mike and Carol are about to rumble!!!

L to R: Becky, Carol, and Kaycie

L to R: Tabitha, me (with braces) and Jane!

My friend Nazish on a SNOW DAY!

As you can see we're all very diverse. Colored people!!! Yay!!!!

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