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Name: anonymous
Comments: i'm really suprised how u two(annie, tristan) have just "changed" over's really weird like it's something ur trying to do to be accepted or something...all i know is i still dont buy it, i still dont like u two, and i still think someone needs to show u how to make a web page...later
Thursday November 25th 1999 09:20:58

Listen pal, this website is owned by ONE person. If you wanna go bother Tristan, go to her website. I didn't change overnight. It took me a week and a college tour to get over the deal. I did, infact apologize to be accepted. That is, accepted into the Kingdom of Heaven. Social status isní»t exactly my type of thing. And if you doní»t like me, that's good for you because I probably don't like you either. And at least I've got a website el loser who's afraid to put your name down.

Name: Neo32
Comments: Hey nice looking place, i like this much better then the last one I had to come and deal with. But it looks like alot of time went into this one and it seems a much happier place to visit. I'm glad everything worked out for you.
Monday November 15th 1999 03:22:51

Thanks, I'm glad everything worked out for me too. So I'm selfish, so what?

Name: Carol
Comments: Hey Annie, HA!!! YEAH!!! I got the honor to be the FIRST person to sign! That's GREAT!!! B/c I'm the coolest and it doesn't matter who else signs b/c I'm SUPER!!!!WOMAAN!!!!!! yeah right! everyone who doesn't know I'm just joking! Anyways, lets get on to the your sites great part. Annie, your site is really good. I love the title! it kind of reminds me of a screen name I once heard of or an... *thinking * oh that's right... it sounds kind of like a... I don't know.. email addy. heheh jk. I really do like ur site and as u can tell I'm writing u a personal narritive of everything that's going on in my head. So let me just sign off! :) Love you lots and God Bless!!! Dr. Carol Lynn Littrell, MD *I need to start practicing b/c I only have 3 more years until I'm legal!*
Monday November 8th 1999 01:31:11

Carol, with friends like you, who needs enemies! J/k!!!!! I love ya, girl. Thanks for coming. You should really advertise my place on your site, since you get people from Brazil going to it! I want people from Brazil too! Oh, well, I can just stick to the Americans and of course, the British who come. Hi there out in Britain!!!!

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