What you've all been waiting for! A fanfiction contest! But this isn't any ordinary fanfiction contest! It has a prompt:

- 1 year ago -

It was late at night and Misto was up and pacing waiting for the news of his kitten. He tried to peek his head in the trunk to see if the kitten had arrived yet but got pushed out by force by Jenny.

"We'll tell you when the kitten arrives. Hold your whiskers!" she griped.

"Ugh! okay okay!" Mistoffelees said.

An hour later Jenny poppped out of the trunk with a big smile on her face, "It's only one but it's a baby girl, I present to you, your daughter Mistvicki," she held the kitten out to him.

"She's beatiful. Where's Victoria?" Misto took the kitten with tears coming down his cheek.

"She's exausted Misto, she fell asleep."

"Oh, it is pretty late in the evening, isn't it?"

"Yes it is Misto, go on in and rest."

"I'll do that."

Misto crept into the trunk holding onto his new kitten, and lies down next to his snoring mate. Being exausted of worry himself, Misto fell asleep while nuzzling Victoria and MistVicki.

Of course Mistvicki could not sleep, she was to excited about her new surroundings. She stayed up all through the night.

Unfortunately, Macavity heard the news of a new magical kitten in the Jellicle Tribe and decided he must do something about it. So that same night he crept into the alley stepping silently over sleeping Jellicles and to the trunk. He carefully pulled Mistvicki out of Misto's paws.

"Arrrrrro mmeeeerowwww!!!!!!" she cried and cried

And that's the basis of the story. It was written by Etcy from the cats mailing list I'm on. On to the rules of the contest:


1) You must include the prompt above as one of the scenes of your story or it will be disqualified.
2) You should have little to no gramatical errors. Should the judging panel find a story like the example, it will be disqualified. We understand minor errors time to time.
Ex. She we ent too thre groaserey staor.
3) You should have little to no profanity. Should the judging panel find a story like the example, it will be disqualified.
Ex. That mother f*cking b*tch when to that sh*tty grocery store.
4) Your story can be of any category: horror, mystery, action, comedy, tragedy, love story, drama, etc. Please state the category.
Ex. She Went to the Grocery Store: A Documentary on a girl going to a grocery store; By: Billy Joe Bob.
5) The deadline is March 10, 2000 until further notice. Any entries turned in later than the given date will be disqualified.

If you really don't like writing, but you love reading, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE join the judging panel! Here are the rules:


1) You must put all biases behind you and judge the story from content, not on people that you know.
2) Send me an e-meow with the subject "JUDGE" and I will send you an application for judge.
3) The deadline to sign up for the judge panel is January 8, 2000 until further notice.

Thanks for visiting, send me those stories!!!!!!

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