Gabe as Spot

"Never fear, Brooklyn is here!" cries the newsboy with the slingshot. This boy is Spot Conlon. The scene is from a movie called Newsies (which happens to be my favorite), and the actor playing Spot Conlon is Gabriel Damon. In the early 90's he was a pretty popular dude, but now he's pretty obscure. He was currently in an independent film called Social Misfits. He plays a white supremist named Jason. If you have any other information please email me. Now on to Gabe!

Gabe as Jason in Social Misfits

Name: Gabriel Damon Ladaei
Nick Name: Gabe
Birthdate: April 23, 1976
Current Age: 24
Birthplace: Nevada
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Gabe as tiny kid

How did I find out about Gabe? In my seventh grade chorus class, a select group of students (I was in that select group) had to sing "Seize the Day" from Newsies for a Gala of a District Auditorium. We later watched the movie. Guess who fell head over heels for Spot Conlon and went out and rented Newsies?

Gabe on Star Trek

Why do I like him? A lot of people have said that he's scrawny looking. I don't care what the people say because I think he's just the best. I mean, look at those cool blue eyes, that cute slightly upturned nose (or as Jane would say, "He's got a PIG NOSE!"), those lovely oversized ears, and those lips that just scream, "KISS ME!" Maybe that's just how I view him. Looks aren't just everything though. The dude can act. He mainly takes on roles of the rebellious type, and that's just fine and dandy with me because I like the rebellious type.

More Pictures
Gabe in Iron Maze, I think... Gabe as *giggle* Peter in Bayou Ghost Another promo-shot of Gabe in Social mistfits

A lot of information and many of these pictures were obtained from Luna's Gabriel Damon Galaxy. Many thanks go out to you Luna! Luna's site is awesome if you want to get good info. on Gabe or Newsies go to Luna's site!

If Spot Conlon were a cartoon...

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