Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats

Are you blind when you're born? Can you see in the dark?
Can you look at a king? Would you sit on his throne?
Can you say of your bite that it's worse than your bark?
Are you cock of the walk when you're walking alone?
When you fall on your head do you land on your feet?
Are you tense when you sense there's a storm in the air?
Can you find your way back when you're lost in the street?
Do you know how to go to the Heaviside Layer?

Can you ride on a broomstick to places far distant
Familiar with candle, with book and with bell?
Were you Whittington's friend? the Pied Piper's assistant?
Have you been an alumnus of heaven or hell?
Are you mean like a minx? are you lean like a lynx?
Are you keen to be seen when you're smelling a rat?
Were you there when the pharaohs commissioned the sphinx?
If you were, and you are, you're a Jellicle cat.

We can dive through the air like a flying trapeze
We can turn double somersaults, bounce on a tyre,
We cun run up a wall, we can swing through the trees,
We can balance on bars, we can walk on a wire.

Can you sing at the same time, in more than one key
Duets by Rossini and waltzes by Strauss?
And can you (as cats do) begin with a 'C'
That always triumphantly brings down the house?

Jellicle cats are queen-of-the-nights
Singing at astronomical heights
Handelling pieces from the Messiah
Hallelujah, angelical choir

The mystical divinity of unashamed felinity
Round the cathedral rang Vivat!
Life to the everlasting cat
Feline, fearless, faithful and true
To others who do what Jellicles do and Jellicles can

Practical cats, dramatical cats
Pragmatical cats, fanatical cats,
Oratorical cats, delphicoracle cats,
Sceptical cats, dispeptical cats

Romantical cats, pedantical cats,
Critical cats, parasitical cats,
Allegorical cats, metaphorical cats,
Statistical cats, and mystical cats,
Politcal cats, hypocrytical cats,
Clerical cats, hystrical cats,
Cynical cats, rabbinical cats

Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats
Jellicle bells that Jellicles ring
Jellicle sharps and Jellicle flats
Jellicle songs that Jellicles sing

Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats
Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats
Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats
Jellicle songs for Jellicle cats

There's a man over there with a look of surprise,
As much as to say, Well now how about that?
Do I actually see with my own very eyes
A man who's not heard of a Jellicle cat?

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