Got the Hook-up??

Visit Over the Rainbow

-Owned by my best bud, Carol. Check it out! It's better than mine, and she's got some pretty good fanfic too!

Visit Some Things Are Forever

-Owned by my good friend Triscuit. Check it out. It's really poetic and stuff. I think you'll like it if you have a gentle poetic spirit!

Visit Total Valerieness

-Owned by my friend, Valarie. It's really cool, way cooler than my site. It's got a good variety of stuff on it, I think you'll enjoy it.

Visit Lizy-C's Domain

-Owned by my friend Jessica. There's not much on it, but if you like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you'll want to go there.

Visit Deeply Disturbed

-Owned by Fox Montgomery, and for people who don't like Sarah or Les Jacobs, this is the place for you!! This site is full of surprises and sometimes, somewhat disagreeable stuff, but I personally, think it's totally awesome!

Visit Nebula and Aly's Anti Britney Spears Page

-Owned by Nebula and Aly. Nebula signed my guestbook, and I went to see her site. It's hilarious! Especially the 'Brest Pump' song! If you need a laugh, go here!

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