Here's the New Schtuff for this week/month/year... well, whenever I update.

1. Hello! I haven't really updated much, but I did get another new guestbook, so please sign it!
2. I updated the Where the Boys Are section, just a tiny bit, but not too much. I added Noah Bastian, but his page is still empty! Sorry!
3. I added some photos to the Say Cheese Section, so go there.
4. The I am Slowly Going Crazy section needs more stuff.
5. I need some more quotes, people!!!! Please, give me quotes!

1. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I hope you're out there having a great time.
2. I know, I haven't updated in forever. I added more boys to the 'Where the Boys Are' Section
3. The Newsies site is very meagre. I'm not making any promises with it.
4. I added a photo section a while ago... I've only got one gallery so far, but I'm working on it!
5. The Quotes section is up and it's crappy. It's really disorganized, but I'll change it when I've got more time.
1. Newsies site is making little progress... I'm basically too lazy to do anything new with it, deal, until I actually start to get organized, kay?
2. Cats site is going well, just wrote a new parody, but I still need fanfics
3. Still don't have quotes. I got two songs up in the song section, though.
4. Happy Y2K to ya....
1. Okay, my "Where the Boys Are" section now has 2 guys on it. Michael Vartan and Heath Ledger. YaY!
2. My CATS site has more lyrics, and the fanfiction contest is up and running! Yay! But I still need lots more fanfics!
3. I'm still working on the other sections... really, I am! But I'm really extremely busy! I'll try my best to get the Newsies site running!
1.My main focus is still the CATS site. I got more lyrics up, and I put the fanfic contest up!
2. I'm not going to make any promises about my "Where the Boys Are" section, so it probably won't come up for a few more months. Sorry.
3. Same goes for all the other sites (newsies, songs, etc.). I'm kinda busy lately, but I'll try to get stuff done over the holidays.
4. Happy late Turkey Day!
1. My main focus lately has been the CATS site which I added lots more. I added lyrics and such and with the little time I had, I'm very proud of myself!
2. I have had an idea for a CATS fanfic contest, and I'll keep you posted on my progress of it!!!!!!
3. The "Where the Boys Are" section is still not quite up yet, but when I have time, I'll work on it!!!
4. I am currently trying to work on the "One Song, My Heart Keeps Singing" section, but I am finding it very difficult to do so (I have a one track mind).
1. I have taken down the school hate page after seeing how immature and stupid I was being.
2. I finally have an "Update" page!
3. I am beginning to set up my "Where the Boys Are" section!!!
4. I have updated the "Kitty Kibbles" CATS site a little bit. I think it looks much better than before.

That's all of the updates so far!!! Come back later to see if I actually get my lazy butt up to do something else!!!

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