All About Me

Websites don't just come out of thin air *duh-huh!* People have to spend their precious time and effort to build them... and I am the ever so humble (yeah, right...) creator of this website.

Eww, who's the ugly girl?

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Name: Annie
Nicknames: Stubby, Cinders, Shortcakes, Shortstuff, Shorty... any think with "short" in it.
Residence: Eastcoast, USA
Interests: Broadway, boys, movies, music, and musicals Dislikes: School, smelly dogs, narrow minded people

Look at da cute lil' kitty!
This is my cat. His name is oreo. He is five years old (in human years. He was born September 21, 1994 and I got him November 1994. I don't exactly know the date, but he was my early Christmas present. He's my life, love, and Mistoffelees! Awww, ain't he a cutie?

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