Mrs. Butler's Second Block Biology

Something about the human complex is very strange. If you don't dress the right way, act the right way, talk the right way, walk the right way, think the right way, do anything the right way, you're labled as a weirdo, a loser, and underdog, different, geeky, dorky, just not normal... WHY IS THIS?? I mean, does it really matter if my pants are from the thrift store or salvation army? Or that my hairstyle is from the 80's? Will it kill me if I don't take a shower for a day or if I'm two pounds overweight? In the long run, will people care if I have excessive acne or that I say things that are off the wall? Do I not have the right to live if my shoes are threadbare and of an imposter brand? Should I be banned from society altogether because my fingernails are dirty and my hair is greasy and unkempt? Does my world revolve around how fat I am, how thin I am, how tall I am, how short I am, how much my gut hangs over my belly? If I dress shabbily and bum-like, will this effect my overall quality as a person? If so, I should be killed, mocked, hanged, put to prison, ridiculed, hated, and tortured? Yes, and in an analogical sense... I am.

So what do ya think? A little "cynical" I know, but this is how I feel about the world right now (*cough* Mrs. Butler's 2nd Block Biology *cough*). Well, tell me whatcha think!

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