Tell me a tale, tell me a fable, tell me a story... Ah stories, they are creations that make us laugh, cry, learn, and love. And this is where a few of them can be found. Some are funny, romantical, funny, sad, angry, and just moderate. So... here are a few

My Friend Ugly

This story is about a cat who knew the true meaning of unconditional love. It's sad, sweet, and a guide on how we should all live.

Mrs.Butler's 2nd Block Biology

This isn't really a story, it's more like a rhetorical essay that I wrote in my Biology class after being harrassed by preps. It's the only class that I truly HATE with a passion.

Cloning Poem

This was written by my cousin, Daniel Nguyen. He's a really good poet and he's got an extensive vocabulary. That's more than I can say for some people (*cough*MelissaMorganwhodoesntknowwhat"poor"means*cough*), so read it!

Baby One More Time

The new and improved version of Britany Spears's "Baby One More Time." If you're a Britany fan, you probably don't want to read this. But if you're not, then ENJOY!!!! This is written by Fizz from the Newsies Mailing List.

Enoch's Newsboys Experience

This isn't really a story, but I wanted to put it up here. My friend got a one in a life time experience, and got to meet the NEWSBOYS! I was really jealous at first when I heard he had met them, but when he told his tale, I was so excited for him...

CATS Fanfics!!!!!!

Read some of my CATS Fanfics. So far, I only have one posted, but read it and tell me what ya think!

Newsies Fanfics!!!!

Read some Newsies Fanfics and Parodies. I only have one up, but read it anyway!

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