Heya kitties and cats! Okay, here's my fanfic center. I'm very proud of this self made background... isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!! Sorry, I'm full of myself. Do me a favor and use it!!! You don't have to give me credit for it, but if you'd like to, that's fine with me! Oh, yeah, I have very few fanfics and I'm sorry for that, but you guys can help me. Send some fanfics to me!!!

The Tinkerbell Series

Tinkerbell is a feisty, curious, not to mention immature queen. She's also, a looker. She's always getting into some kind of mess, but manages to find her way out of it. She tames the untamable, makes friends to the friendless, and has many other adventures! So read my first story about Tinkerbell!

The New Cat

The Jellicle Parody

This is just a big parody of CATS. I was bored and a lot of this is borrowed from other parodies I've read... so if some of it seems familiar to you, then it's probably some idea that I took from something else!

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