Jacob Brent


"The greatest magicians have something to learn from Mr. Mistoffelees Conjuring Turn!!!!" Yes, the best words that ever come out of Rum Tum Tugger's mouth is this. Mr. Mistoffelees is not only the coolest cat, but the man behind the conjuring cat is the coolest too: Jacob (I like to call him Jake) Brent. He is one of the most sought out teachers, choreographers, and performers. He has even been called one of the greatest Mistoffelees. I personally have never seen him perform live, but according to what people have told me, he looks like he loves what he's doing, and it seems as though he's giving it everything he's got.

Information on Jake:

Name: Jacob Brent (I have heard that his middle name starts with an 'A' but I wouldn't marry it...)
Nick Name: Jake (he likes to be called that by his fans)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Birthdate: October 25, 1972 (If you would like to use this information, e-mail Vns14055@aol.com)
Age Currently: 27 (If my math is correct...)
Current Residence: New York, NY
Pets: It has been rumored that he has two cats, but it has also been rumored he has a dog named 'Jamie', and it has also been rumored that he's got no animals because he is allergic to them.
Favorite Color: Orange
Tidbits: The first ALW musical Jake had seen was Jesus Christ Superstar, and I believe he was 11 when he saw it.

Performance-ography (I made up the word all by myself...):

Walt Disney World 'World Dancers' Troupe
Walt Disney Television Specials
'93-'94 Original Las Vegas Production of 'Starlight Express' (Turnov)
'94-'96 Broadway CATS Production (Pouncival)
'96-Present Broadway CATS Production (Mistoffelees)
'98 'CATS' Video & 'Making of CATS' Video (Mistoffelees)
'98-Present 'Access Broadway' Cast Member (Dance Department & Judicial Committee)
*The Performance-ography was found at The JB Fan Page

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