Where the Boys Are

What would the world be like without the male agenda? Pretty scary, huh? Well, these are a few of the guys that I consider mine. Eep, scratch that, I don't own them. They are not mine. I am theirs. Yeah, that's better because if I ever met them, I wouldn't say "YOU'RE MINE!" I'd say, "Take me, I'm YOURS!" I'm weird, I know that already.

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AHHHH!!!!!! I can't believe I actually found the MIDI to this song!!! I love this song!!!!!!!! I can't believe I found it!!!! YAYA!!!!!! I'm soooo happy!!

Superficial Section
I like to call this the superficial section because I only like these guys because they are cute. Pretty superficial, huh?

Heath Ledger

Michael Vartan

Real Good Thing
This next section is what I like to call the "Real Good Thing." These are the guys that I like because they are so unique (plus they have good looks...).

Jacob Brent

Gabriel Damon-coming soon!

Jeff Frankenstein-coming soon!

Noah Bastian-coming soon!

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