Jeff Frankenstein


Jeff Frankenstein is the keyboardist of the Newsboys. His story is pretty awesome to me, he was in high school and 17, he was kinda like a roadie, I guess. I think he was playing with the keyboards while setting up or something like that, and sometime later, Peter Furler (lead singer of the Newsboys) called him up and asked him to audition for a keyboardist. What do you know? Jeff got the job and became a permanent member of the Newsboys! Now where does my liking him come in to play? Well, I was reading a REAL magazine that I got at their concert and Jeff was just so... Godly, I guess, and I guess that really attracted me to him. He's happily engaged to a really pretty girl named Jeni, and I'm really happy for him too! Congrats, Jeff, if you might be reading, but I highly doubt that you are! Anyway, on to the info!


Name: Jeffrey Ryan Frankenstein
Nickname: Jeff (obviously!) and Oinch (it stands for OI! Never Chew Ham! Don't ask me where they got it from, I have no idea where it derives from!)
Hometown: Detroit, Michigan
Birthdate: June 26, 1974
Age Currently: 25 (Soon to be 26, his Golden Birthday is coming this year!)

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